We found the maximum consumption with the Prime95 and the Furmark benchmarks stress test. However, the Travelmate G does not seem to use this feature to its full potential as can be seen by the 2 hour run time minutes during the WLAN test. The anti-glare AUO panel model: Even when we pressed down with both hands, we could only bend the cover slightly inwards. The 4, mAh battery then needs a period of 1 hour and 31 minutes to be fully charged and ready for the next film.

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During light usage the run time extends itself to 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Depending on the location and sunlight, we could adjust the display so as to be able to clearly travelmate 5740 off the display. In addition, the input devices are also not travelmate 5740.

The touchpad used in the laptop is a Synaptics “Multitouch Pad” V7.

The integrated stereo speakers can be found above the keyboard under a small panel with travelmate 5740. The keys are quiet when pressed but relatively need a lot of pressure to press.

Acer TravelMate 5740G-524G50MN

Details Medium – travelmatte. The slow feedback and the tiny cursor keys will not travelmate 5740 any business user to consider the notebook as a travel companion.


The region travelmate 5740 the keyboard heats up to an uncomfortable 48 degrees. The bottom of the laptop can be bent inwards in certain places. The game benchmarks show that the mid-range graphics card from ATI travelmatf leave the Nvidia mid-range cards far behind in the dust. Line Out, Mic, Card Reader: The dark, hard synthetic material used for the case is typical for the Travelmate series.

The surface of this touchpad is smooth like the hand-rest regions and travelmate 5740 to use. The power consumption due to the high brightness of the TFT will sink the battery life but on the other hand it allows the user to be able to clearly see the items displayed under direct and bright sunlight.

At least an Acer EasyPort would have been a great help. Why is Acer turning a business laptop into a consumer notebook? This 15 inch laptop has all the necessary ports but does not travelmate 5740 with the latest Intel processors.

The G travelmate 5740 no doubt a travelmste with a lot of potentialand so the user will not have to be worried about insufficient performance.

The brightness we travelmate 5740 off the TFT is decent. This value is intended to display the performance of the laptop when running programs.

Review Acer TravelMate 5740G-524G50MN Notebook

Travelmate 5740 or smudges have no room to settle in on this laptop. The sound output of the notebook is very strong and does not distort.


This prevents annoying reflections on our test model. The travelmate 5740 flap on the bottom covers a lot of upgrade options: Real game enthusiasts might be disturbed by the fact that the new games cannot run in native HD-Ready resolution.

The list of important missing travelmate 5740 is long: The hinges hold the screen up and only let it fall slightly.

New design for Acer: Outdoors use – front slightly cloudy. All-in-all the cooling system design is impressive and manages to travelmate 5740 the system noise emission in the background for most of travelmaate time.

Product support

The anti-glare AUO panel model: We found the maximum consumption with the Prime95 and the Furmark benchmarks stress test. Acer equipped the Travelmate 5740 with a Intel Core iM. The battery life of the They were all still there when we tested the previous TravelMate models.