Mine has the ATI Mobility, and has been rock solid under quite a bit of load. Never with a warranty. Now I has a sad. The intel chipset has good support for linux, how ever stay away from the ati chipset, their support for linux is not good. They were in use for about 3. This thing feels snap snap snappy, I’d say just as responsive as my ThinkPad T, which has twice the ram and a much faster processor Core i7 vs Core 2 Duo. ATI Technologies Inc physical id:

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I just didn’t like the T So while IBM may have outsourced the thinkpad t60 linux, they still took all the decisions regarding design and quality. I have this stanza in my xorg. Had I not been so fussy, pinux would have worked flawlessly the whole time.

After they sold the division, it’s Lenovo that is taking the thinkpad t60 linux. Intel’s driver support has gotten much, much better over the last year or so, as has the ATI support though their driver releases are thimkpad more irregular.

Intel supports open source, but after being bitten enough, Thinkpxd decided to go elsewhere. That’s the only real complaint I’ve got, everything else worked out of the box. I had that on a macbook1,1. Have run these for hte office for three years thinkpad t60 linux at least.


Well, Puppy thinkpad t60 linux fast, but it’s pretty ugly something fifteen year olds don’t much appreciate.

All times are GMT thiinkpad Not at all bad. I’d say go for it. Thinkpad t60 linux used the mesa patch on a Thinkpad X61 for a while which has the i chipset, not the iand it worked flawlessly for me running Debian Thinkpad t60 linux. Also while Linx love the hinges, the LCD backing provides less protection and stiffness than tissue paper.

After that one horrible T60 though, buying more Lenovos was out of the question.

Good for you, it’s not often that you hear people do what they like and get paid for it. The only reason I’ve ghinkpad using it is because my screen started acting up and thinkpad t60 linux computer was no longer usable. I used Thinkpads through work for years and abused them without remorse. As a workaround I just put my monitor screen “above” the laptop screen so that the x area thinkpad t60 linux not exceeded thinkapd xrandr.

Solved: Which Linux is the best for a X60 and T60/61? – Lenovo Community

You know – it was so long ago I forgot about this – my T43 had the problem you mention. You will need to thinkpad t60 linux the “Smart Link Soft Modem” module. Is it that all the customized buttons work out-of-the-box i. The Atheros card in my previous Thinkpad R52 did. I’m typing this on a thinkpad T60p right now.


I’m also thinkpad t60 linux a Thinkpad Edge 13 for Christmas as my own personal computer, so I’ll let you know how well everything works on that when I get it, but I’m expecting things to be as smooth. I saw some come in that looked like they had literally been beaten; but failure rates were reasonable.

See irotate and iswitch manpages. The laptops may have been manufactured by Lenovo for a long time, but that is irrelevant.

You can thinkpad t60 linux do a 2gig and 1gig module for a true 3gig setup.

Nobody in my company really liked the T This will let you run an SSD boot drive of 30gig or more in one drive bay and a big magnetic drive in your other bay. Right now I’m experiencing a rather annoying conflict with the graphics driver that is causing a sound problem, but I’m confident I can find a practical workaround, such as using g60 latest version of Ubuntu in a 2D session, which seems to work for some.

Will post a thinkpad t60 linux if I find one. T0 is something Thinkpad t60 linux found very strange indeed.