F Press [Advanced Search]. Delivering Scan Files Scan files can be sent to a specified destination using the network delivery scan- ner function. Storing Files Storage Procedure You can scan and store files. Displaying the List of Stored Files From the list of stored files, you can delete stored files or change file infor- mation. Checking the Status of Delivery The sending results can be checked. Names of Major Options Major options of this machine are referred to as follows in this manual: Getting Started Network Delivery Scanner A scan file from the originals scanned by the machine is stored in the delivery server and delivered to the folders of client computers on the same network.

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Page 68 Ricoh 3030 Files When viewing the stored files from a client computer using DeskTopBinder, all the entered characters can be viewed. Relationship between Resolution and File Size Resolution and ricoh 3030 area are inversely related.

Ricoh 3030 check the current status, press [Scanned Files Status]. Specifications Appendix Specifications Scan method Scan speed Ricoh 3030 sensor type Scan type Interface Maximum scan size Sizes that can be detected auto- matically Resolution Variable range of scan resolution File formats that can be sent by e- mail Compression method Protocol The scanning speed may differ according to the operating environment of the ma- chine and the computer, and the contents of the original.

Initial Scanner Setup Adjusting Scanner Features In Scanner Features, you can make settings for basic operations when us- ing this machine as a scanner.


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Orientation selection A Press the key for the same ricoh 3030 entation as the actual orienta- ricoh 3030 of the original, Reference For details about the orienta- tion of the original and the Delivering Scan Files Scan files can be ricoh 3030 to a specified destination using the network delivery scan- ner function.

Initial Scanner Setup This section explains all required settings and procedures for using the machine as a network scanner. Storing Files Viewing the List The list of stored files has the following elements.

If a server is not selected, the search is not performed and an error ricoh 3030 appears. Programs You can register frequently used set- tings in the machine memory and re- call them for future use. Using DeskTopBinder, stored files can be viewed or ricoh 3030 with a client computer.

Page Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Scanning Documents of Different Sizes The following table shows how originals of different sizes in a batch are scanned differently according to the setting and the position of the originals.

Ricoh 3030 the password A Press [Change Password]. When scanning is finished, the time remaining to place addi- tional originals is displayed.

Checking the Scan ricoh 3030 Folder Results The sending results can be checked. Using a registration number to select a destination A Press [Registration No. Message The selected file s which you do not have access privileges to could not be deleted. Add Staple indicator D: Searching For Files List of stored files Displays ricoh 3030 list of stored files. With this machine refer to the inch version.


How to Set Up a Ricoh Aficio 3030 to Scan to Network

See General Set- tings Guide. Unless a val- id user name and password are entered, operations are not possible with the machine. The scanned data will be deleted. The indicator for the selected function lights up. ricoh 3030

Ricoh User Manual | pages

Once configured, anyone with a valid username and password should be able to scan documents to the shared network folder. To scan the ricoh 3030 page, ricoh 3030 [2 Sides]. Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. Various messages 303 may appear on the control panel or client computer are listed, along with causes and solutions.

If the message still appears, note the content of the message and the error number if dis- playedricoh 3030 contact your service representative. When originals are divided and scanned, ricoh 3030 machine can wait two different ways for additional origi- nals.

C Press [Search by Dest. Unable to cap- ture files. You can specify the destination in the following ways: