I’m now getting constant messages about Windows being counterfeit, etc. The system still won’t get passed the BIOS screen though. I checked the cables Power cable and Data cable and they are right and then I made sure that it says it’s in master configuration but still get this error. Joined Sun Oct 18, 2: My question is why won’t the system get past the BIOS section on start up? It’s more than this solution.

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The above comments are also correct, but sounds like you ruled that out already. If xg270 still doesn’t work, then it’s probably not going to.

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All views expressed in these forums are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the BetaArchive site owner. Now hitting F1 doesn’t really do anything so that doesn’t help and F2 is just BIOS settings which really doesn’t dell optiplex gx270 sata the problem if I don’t know what I’m supposed to do there.

Wed Dell optiplex gx270 sata 15, 9: I just dell optiplex gx270 sata to get it to boot from a powered off state I was trying to be proactive so I used a Dell Windows 7 Pro CD that I had laying around but I pptiplex activate it as it obviously doesn’t belong on this computer.

I found this computer in my basement since I think my parents have better computers now so they usually put older ones in the basement.

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Last edited by Cats on Sat Jun 11, 5: The problem is when you actually shut the computer off. Fri Jun 10, 6: This rell can mean any of these 3 things: That didn’t help so I changed that back. Wanna play a fun browser based game that plays while you’re away? Dell optiplex gx270 sata so try a linux live cd to test if it is a windows problem.

OK so SP1 installed finally. Joined Fri Jun 13, I checked the cables Power cable and Data cable and they are right and then I made sure that it says it’s in master configuration but still get this error. Okay, so I tried another software called HDD Regenerator to see if my hard drive is detected and it tells dell optiplex gx270 sata that no hard drive is detected.

This model is known to have bad capacitors on the motherboard, dell optiplex gx270 sata to let you know before you go investing money in it. I am trying to install SP1 on this machine and it is taking an insanely long time. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us.

You either turn it on or off and dell optiplex gx270 sata shows up in the OS whether or not one is actually physically installed in the computer. Also, just wanted to let you guys know that my graphics card just unexpectedly died when I turned it on so I had to waste a half an hour to remove the card dell optiplex gx270 sata then later cleaned up all the tangled cables under my desk.

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Any idea what could be causing something like this? Did you manually inspect the caps on the motherboard? This will most likely get you some newer drivers as well. Make sure you aren’t putting the jumpers on backwards, as is easy to dell optiplex gx270 sata if the label is facing the opposite direction. Also, the BIOS battery seems to have power so that’s good. Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. You’ll optipelx a light and maybe optoplex glasses to see it.

Dell Optiplex GX270 w/ SATA SSD Won’t Pass BIOS Screen:

It will usually say “Press F1 to continue” but that never happened. I’ve tried using the on-board video and removing the AGP card.

What exactly would I be “testing”? I forgot to mention that this is an “unactivated” copy of Windows 7. Put a little dell optiplex gx270 sata on both sides of each of the connectors on the IDE cable with your fingers, they can be pulled apart sometimes.