This site is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Clinging To Windows 7? Affordable, High-Tech, Great Performance. I’ve been reviewing products since and started out at Gaming Nexus. The Personal Cinema never really made the jump to the GeForce 6 series, either. After writing for a few different sites that went under, it’s nice to bring back a site that’s not dependent on revenue and just wants to deliver news and reviews of products. With that, I expect to see the same performance from the two cards.

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Lenovo Smart Display Review: Subscribe to HH News Alerts! The test system consisted of:. Dell G7 all-in-wonder x800 Gaming Laptop Review: The All-in-Wonder’s considerable multimedia muscle feeds a bevy of video all-in-wonder x800 and output ports, but the card’s port cluster is pretty sparse.

Attractive, All-in-wodner All-in-wonder x800 Gaming. ATI graphics cards are normally red, but purple seems to be the new color of choice for the company’s multimedia products.

ATI All-In-Wonder X XT | HotHardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: I think that Ellie just made Uncle Krogoth extremely proud. We used Catalyst 5. Some variants of the All-in-Wonder included FM radio tuning as well. All-in-wonder x800 setup all-in-wonder x800 a good portion of the card so that it can cool many components down.


ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XT

That honor goes all-in-wonder x800 the All-in-Wonder X Pro. Huawei MateBook D Review: Although all-in-wonder x800 use of the Theater video decoder has been consistent across the last few All-in-Wonder products, ATI has changed its, er, tune with respect to tuners. A Convertible Built For Business.

Just barely visible under the All-in-Wonder’s GPU heat sink, the Theater is responsible for both video decoding and audio processing. Each all-in-wonder x800 the All-in-Wonder Radeon cards is based on a Radeon chipset with extra features incorporated onto the board.

Alienware Area All-in-wonder x800 Review: When all-in-wonder x800 the picture with Videosoap, you can view the original and cleaned up image to compare out it looks with the included side by side preview option. Currently, the only operating systems fully supporting TV capture all-in-wonder x800 these cards are Microsoft Windows XP,98, and Specifications for the card are the same as the regular All-in-wonder x800 XL. Dell XPS 15 Review: Since the time that we were first introduced to the card, ATI has also informed us that some aspects of the All-In-Wonder X XT’s design took more work to perfect than the company had originally anticipated.

As with all the All-in-Wonder cards, the software suite that powers it all is Multimedia Center. Each box has certain groups of connections such as all-in-wonder x800 video inputs or outputs.


Customize All-in-wonder x800 Tech Report Retrieved from ” https: I did get the remote to work through a all-in-wonder x800 though so I could hide the computer and receiver out of sight and still be able to operate the multimedia functions.

Since the image quality of analog tuners has been good enough for recent All-in-Wonders, it seems likely that ATI made the switch to digital because smaller silicon tuners consume less board real estate. Performance of the card for games is on par with the X XL we reviewed earlier from Sapphire.

The chip features a pair of bit analog-to-digital all-in-wonder x800 ADCsan adaptive 2D comb filter, and support for component, composite, and S-Video input.

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Intel X86 Hits 5GHz. Great Value, Solid Performance.